Potting soil for hoyas and aroids

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Discover our potting soil for hoyas and aroids, specially designed to meet the specific needs of these exotic, elegant plants. Our exclusive formula provides the ideal substrate for healthy, lush growth of your favorite hoyas and aroids.

Our potting soil for hoyas and aroids is the result of a carefully crafted blend of top-quality ingredients. It contains coconut fiber, bark of various sizes, pumice, perlite and charcoal. Here's what makes our potting soil the ideal choice for your hoyas and aroids:

  1. Light, well-ventilated structure: Our mix ensures a light, well-ventilated structure, allowing the roots of your hoyas and aroids to breathe freely. This promotes healthy growth and prevents problems associated with moisture stagnation.

  2. Optimal drainage: We've included materials that promote optimal drainage, allowing excess water to run off quickly. This helps prevent root rot and ensures that your hoyas and aroids are not exposed to excessive moisture.

  3. Balanced water retention: Our Potting Soil maintains balanced water retention, giving your hoyas and aroids the moisture they need for vigorous growth. It allows them to benefit from adequate hydration while preventing root waterlogging.

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