Our History

Between passion and innovation, a story of family entrepreneurship:

Serres Lavoie is the story of three generations of horticulturists. The company was founded in 1944 on the family land on Côte des Perrons by Paul-Eugène Lavoie and his wife Antoinette Locas. The couple imported from Belgium and became the first glass greenhouse in Quebec.

At the end of the 1950s, the Lavoies concentrated their activities on horticulture and became the largest flower producers in Quebec, with 80,000 boxes produced annually.

In 1987, their son Jean-Claude Lavoie bought the company with his wife Francine Cloutier. The couple continues the family tradition of innovation and opens the garden centre to offer flowers and plants as well as gardening accessories and materials.

In 2008, Mario Lavoie, the son of Jean-Claude Lavoie and Francine Cloutier, and his wife Sophie Ethier, bought the family business.

In 2022, Camille Lavoie joins the management team and becomes the 4th generation in the business!

Eco-responsibility, in sharing mode!

Innovation also means being part of the current sustainable development and eco-responsibility movement. That's why at JFC Lavoie, respect, innovation and the search for top-quality, high-performance plants are key values.

The Lavoies compost, use biofungicides and biopesticides, collect rainwater and reuse cardboard boxes and production pots that customers bring in.

Today we are all aware of the challenges related to the environment. This is why the horticulturists at Serres Lavoie share their knowledge with customers who are concerned about gardening in an environmentally friendly manner.

Did you know that you can choose repellent plants to keep mosquitoes at bay? An eco-friendly move!

A family welcome and expert advice!

The Lavoies have designed their greenhouses in the image of the products they offer: with respect for the plants and with a concern for highlighting them. You will find a wide variety of plants and flowers for your gardens, trees and shrubs, annuals for continuous flowering in the most resplendent colours, perennials that will bloom in your flowerbeds from the first year, succulents, cacti and rare plants for your home.

Take advantage of the expert advice of the Serres Lavoie team to assemble combinations of flourishing plants and to meet your specific needs: opening and closing of lots, planting, landscape design and maintenance, hedge trimming, horticultural workshops...

Here, we can really help you!

Our vision:

Our vision is to grow while remaining environmentally responsible. We have a lot of plans for the next few years!


    • 11 production greenhouses on 24,000 sq. ft. (of which 12,000 sq. ft. is rented).
    •  Integrated pest management production: biological crop management (I.B.C.M.)


    Serres Lavoie produce from seed or unrooted cuttings.


    We look forward to meeting you!

    Serres Lavoie