Peperomia prostrata

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Peperomia prostrata, commonly known as String of Turtles, or Turtle Necklace, is a creeping plant with small round leaves ranging from dark green to purple, with a pattern of lighter veins reminiscent of a turtle's shell. This small, drooping plant is fairly fast growing and is perfect in a hanging basket or on the edge of a shelf. It can also be used as a creeping plant.

Peperomia prostrata likes to be watered a little more than many other succulents, but remains sensitive to root rot. That is why we prefer small containers and we make sure that the soil dries very well between each watering.

Family : Piperaceae
Origin : Brazil
Watering : let the substrate dry completely between waterings
Light : intense. Can tolerate direct sunlight at the beginning of the day.
Relative humidity: low to medium
Draining substrate , use our home-made potting soil for Peperomia
Fertilization: every 4 weeks during the growing season
cream-colored, non-scented spikes
Toxicity: non toxic

 * Please note that each plant is unique and will be different from the one in the photo.

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