Begonia maculata 'Angel Wings

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Begonia maculata 'Angel Wings' is also known as Polka Dot, or Begonia bamboo. This decorative plant produces unique, angel-winged, green leaves with silver dots and a red underside. Easy to grow and striking in appearance, Begonia maculata is popular with plant collectors.

Begonia maculata needs exposure to light. It can grow in the shade, but it will not thrive. It should have good light for at least six hours a day. Place it near a window or use artificial lighting. It is a plant that needs to be watered regularly. The substrate should be kept moist, but not soggy. It likes to be cramped in its pot, so repot it only when really necessary.

Interestingly, Begonia maculata is easily cut. Cuttings should come from healthy plants with a minimum length of 10 cm and should be placed in a pot with a moist substrate. The pot should then be placed in a shady spot for about two weeks before being moved to a sunnier spot.

Family : Begoniaceae
Origin : Brazil
Watering : medium to abundant. Likes to have a humid soil, but not soaked.
Light : intense, but indirect. Can bear direct sunlight, but only for a few hours.
Relative humidity: high. In winter, it will like the company of a humidifier to counter the dryness of the air.
Substrate: rich and draining, potting soil for tropical plants
Fertilization: every 2 weeks during the growth period, with a balanced fertilizer
pink or white, sometimes red-purple or yellow
Toxicity: some sources report it as toxic for cats and dogs while others say it is non toxic

* Please note that each plant is unique and will be different from the one in the photo.

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