Testudinaria elephantipes

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Origin: Native to South Africa, Testudinaria elephantipes, also known as Turtle Plant or Elephant Foot Plant, is a succulent prized for its distinctive caudex and delicate leaves.

Watering: This plant needs moderate watering during the growing season (spring-summer) and should be kept dry in winter. It is important to avoid excess water to prevent rotting.

Brightness : Testudinaria elephantipes prefers bright but indirect light. Direct sunlight can burn its leaves.

Substrate: A well-draining substrate is essential for this plant. A cactus mix with some potting soil and coarse sand works well.

Flower color: The flowers of Testudinaria elephantipes are usually white, with a slight tinge of green or yellow.

Minimum temperature: This plant resists to minimum temperatures of 10°C. It is preferable to keep it at a warmer and constant temperature.

Growth Rate: The growth rate of this plant is quite slow, especially in terms of the development of its caudex. However, with proper care and optimal conditions, it can reach an impressive size over the years.