Ficus petiolaris

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Ficus petiolaris, a variety of fig tree, is known for its broad, veined leaves and distinctive trunk.

Origin: Native to the semi-arid regions of Mexico, it is adapted to dry, warm environments.
Growth: This ficus has moderate growth and can form a small tree or shrub with a thick trunk and aerial roots.
Flowers: Like most ficus, it produces figs, but they are often small and undistinguished indoors.
Light: Prefers bright but indirect light, avoiding direct sunlight which can burn its leaves.
Watering: Requires regular watering, allowing the substrate to dry slightly between waterings.
Substrate: A well-drained potting mix rich in organic matter is ideal for this ficus.
Temperature: Tolerates a standard range of indoor temperatures, but must be protected from cold draughts and low temperatures.
Toxicity: Ficus petiolaris is generally considered non-toxic to humans, but can be irritating to pets if they chew or ingest the leaves.

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