Adenia volkensi

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Adenia volkensii is a fascinating and unusual succulent plant belonging to the Passifloraceae family. Native to East Africa, notably Kenya and Tanzania, this plant is distinguished by its highly-developed caudex base, which serves as a water reserve, enabling the plant to survive in arid environments. Adenia volkensii is appreciated for its unique appearance and adaptability as an indoor plant or in the greenhouse in colder climates.

Origin: Adenia volkensii is adapted to the dry, rocky environments of East Africa. Its ability to store water in its voluminous caudex enables it to withstand prolonged periods of drought.

Growth: Adenia volkensii's most notable feature is its caudex, which can become quite large with age, offering a visually impressive appearance. Slender, climbing stems emerge from the caudex, bearing green leaves and tendrils that can cling to nearby structures to support the plant.

Flowers: This species can produce inconspicuous flowers, followed by fruit, although flowering is less common in domestic cultivation. The flowers, generally small and green or yellow in color, can appear when grown in optimal conditions.

Light: Prefers bright exposure with a certain amount of direct sunlight. However, it is important to protect the plant from intense direct sun, which could burn the caudex or leaves.

Watering: Watering should be moderate, allowing the substrate to dry out completely between waterings. During winter or dormant periods, reduce watering considerably to avoid caudex rot.

Substrate: A well-draining mix is essential for the health of Adenia volkensii. Using a cactus and succulent substrate, enriched with perlite and pumice, is recommended to ensure good drainage.

Toxicity: Like other members of the Adenia genus, Adenia volkensii is toxic if ingested. The sap contains toxins that can be dangerous to humans and pets. We recommend handling the plant with care, especially when pruning or repotting.

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