White clover seed

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Recommended for seeding with lawn grasses.

Adapts to the mowing height.

Blooms from June to October.

White Clover is a member of the legume family.

Attracts honey bees.

It prefers cool, slightly moist soils.

Soil erosion control (slopes, undergrowth).

Tolerates drought, short mowing and adapts to poor soils with a variable pH of 5.0 @ 6.5.

Fixes atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen that can be assimilated by the roots via the nodules associated with the rootlets. Characteristic specific to the legume family

Slow growth and spreads by runners.

Cover new seedling : 750 g covers 75 m2 / 800 ft2

Reseeding coverage : 750 g covers 700 m2 / 7 535 ft2


100% White Clover 34% coated white clover

Bee-safe polymer coating