Lawn Seeds (Minimum Maintenance)

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Exceptional ecological multi-purpose mix with low maintenance.

Less frequent watering.

Requires little or no fertilizer; reduced mowing frequency.

Adapts to a variety of poor, sandy soils and excellent for slopes.

Excellent resistance to disease, insects, trampling and drought.

Will provide fine, dense turf (helps reduce weeds).

Contains premium quality certified ingredients selected for our climate.

Contains endophytes* A fungus found in ryegrass and fescue that naturally repels insects from the foliage.

Maintenance-free mixing when mature.


Cover new seedling : 750 g covers 25 m2 / 275 ft2

Reseeding coverage : 750 g covers 40 m2 / 425 ft2


20% Turf Fescue ( Chancellor / Survivor ) * E

20% Creeping Red Fescue (Aberdeen) *E

20% Perennial ryegrass (ryegrass) (IQ / Citation III / Ragnar II) *E

17% Kentucky Bluegrass (Meadow) (Appalachian / Wildhorse / Camas)

15% Fescue durette (Gladiator) *E

8% Fescue durette (Predator) *E