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CricketNutris Nutrifrass (2 - 3 - 3) is a dry fertilizer that can be applied directly to the soil surface or mixed into the substrate. It can be used for indoor and outdoor plants as well as for lawns. Nutrifrass is made of locust droppings, a biological raw material rich in essential nutrients, insect biomarkers, chitin, beneficial microbes and beneficial fungi. This fertilizer promotes plant resistance to disease by encouraging plants to generate high immune responses.

100% sieved cricket manure

Composition analysis

Calcium (%) 0,34
Magnesium (%) 0,48
Phosphorus (%) 0,23
Sodium (%) 0,007
Potassium (%) 1,86
Zinc (ppm) 0,19
Manganese (ppm) 0,06
Iron (ppm) 0,18
Total Nitrogen (%) 4,7
Macronutrient index (NPK): 2 - 3 - 3